Our Story

Ethan’s Cauliflower is a newly found brand of products, that we came up with in 2014 as Thin Cauliflower Crust, as the seeds in the soil grew we came to the realization that adding love to a brand name will give it everlasting life which can  be loved by all for generations to come. As love being our main ingredient your guaranteed truthful products that are completely all natural, made with real cauliflower, that will benefit health for your heart, mind, body, and soul.

What inspired us:

Ethan’s cauliflower was started all because of my wonderful son Ethan. Ever since he was a little boy we had always struggled to get him to eat his vegetables, and as parents we wanted our child to eat as healthy as possible but like all other kids if they don’t like the way it tastes, you can forget about them eating it. 

We figured that we had to make something he would like and add vegetables to it, but as soon as he tasted the vegetables, he would refuse to eat it.... so we decided to make a pizza out of cauliflower, using the cloak and dagger approach, we made a promise not to say anything if he liked it, and to our surprise he loved it.

So we used our imagination and made a sandwich one day and sent him to school with it he came home and said “Mom, what's that bread you used to make my sandwich with. It was so good”... We laughed and we were so glad he liked it now we had a way for him to eat a healthy sandwich and incorporate vegetables in it…

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